Ofra Grinfeder

Curriculum Vitae

Ofra Grinfeder 
Born in 1945 in Petach Tikva, Israel
Lives and works in São Paulo and Miami 

1963 – 1967 State University of New York at Buffalo, New York
1974 – Alfred University, Alfred, New York
1975 – Penland School of Crafts, Penland, North Carolina, Studied with Cinthia Bringle
1984 – Studied with Steve Gamza -Raku techniques, Penland, North Carolina
1993 – Invited visiting artist, Watershed, Maine
2016 – Cast glass workshop in St. Hippolyte du Fort, France 

2019-20 – Worked on a large panel (73 meters) depicting animals that are in danger of extinction (stitched work with recycled materials)
2018 – Published  Book–“Ofra Grinfeder- 50 Years of Art”  ISBN 978-85-61914-24-0, Editora Luste, São Paulo, Brazil
2018 – Exhibited at 57 ART GALLERY,  “The Kabbalah”,  (72 illustrations) and a series of portraits on metal sheets, São Paulo, Brazil
2017 – Illustrated The 72 names of God in the Kabbalah
2015 – Individual Exhibit “Relatos- Retratos”, MUSEU DA ENERGIA,  São Paulo, Brazil
2014 – “Ofra Africa”,  ESPAÇO ESTUFA, São Paulo, Brazil
2013 – Researched in conjunction with Itanira Heineberg the Jewish population in  Bom Retiro, Brazil.
2012 – Worked in clay and iron, produced a series of metal lamps and lanterns
2010 – Published Book –“For the Parents”, ISBN978-85-61125-35-6, Casa Leitura Médica, São Paulo, Brazil
2006 – Executed a commissioned artwork for Hotel Ferrareto in Guarujá, São Paulo
2006 – Individual exhibit “Old Rags”,  GALERIA EDUARDO FERNANDES, São Paulo, Brazil
2003 – “Sculptures In Metal", MUSEU DA CASA BRASILEIRA, São Paulo, Brazil
2000 – Exhibit paper and cloth from “Images from Ethiopia”, GALERIA FRANCINE, São Paulo, Brazil
1999 – "Large Format Paintings", ARIA GALERIA DE ARTE, Recife, Brazil
1998 – “Imaginary Forest”, INSTITUTO VILLA MAURINA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1998 – "Raku Clay Busts with Silver Jewelry", ORNAMENTUM GALLERY, São Paulo, Brazil
1997 – “Jewelry”, AARON FAABER GALLERY,  N.Y.C., New York  
1997 – "Silver Jewelry", COLLECTANIA, São Paulo, Brazil
1997 – Individual exhibit of “Large Wood and Paper Totems", AARIA,  Recife, Brazil  
1996 – "Jewelry and Paintings", ESPAÇO MIRANTE, São Paulo, Brazil
1996 – "Paper Totems", CRAFT HOUSE, São Paulo, Brazil
1996 – “Imaginary Forest", ESPAÇO DOS CORREIOS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
1995 – "Big Paper Panels", FATEC, (Faculdade de Technology) São Paulo, Brazil
1994 – "Works on Paper", WESTCHESTER ART CENTER, Westchester, New York
1994 – "Wood and Paper Sculptures", 450 BROADWAY GALLERY SCULPTURES, N.Y.C., New York
1992 – Individual exhibit "Wood and Paper", GALERIA NEV, Istanbul, Turkey
1991 – “Presence of Time”, GALERIA MONTESANTI ROESLER, São Paulo, Brazil
1988 – "France-Brazil”, exhibit in conjunction with French artist Jaques Buchholtz, MAM MUSEUM OFMODERN ART, São Paulo, Brazil
1987 – "Clay", TOKI ART GALLERY, São Paulo, Brazil
1987 – "Paper Works", GALERIA NARA ROESLER, São Paulo,  Brazil
1987 – "Cast Jewelry”, presented on Raku Clay Busts, GALERIA ORNAMENTUM, São Paulo, Brazil
1985 – Individual exhibit "Ceramics",  GALERIA SARVER, Paris, France
1985 – Individual exhibit ” 100 Bowls”,  GALERIA ACTIS, Paris, France
1984 – Works in clay, GALERIE CAPAZZA, Nanci, France
1984 – Participated in an exhibit, MUSEU DE CANNES, Cannes, France
1982 – Invited artist, SALON OBJET DE ART, Paris, France  
1982 – Participated in “Salão de Cerâmica",  MUSEU DA IMAGEM E SOM, Campinas, Brazil
1981-83 – Visited Yanomami tribes in Brazil & studied indigenous motifs and fiber art with natural fibers
1981 – "Clay", GALERIA BABELIDUS, São Paulo, Brazil  
1980 – "Raku", GALERIA OCRA, São Paulo, Brazil  
1980 – "Raku", FUNDAÇÃO CULTURAL BRASÍLIA, Brasília, Brazil
1980 – “Raku”, 9TH SALÃO BUNKYO, São Paulo, Brazil
1969 – Paintings solo exhibit, “Images from Korea”, AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER, Seoul, Korea
1969 – Painting solo exhibit, LA PISCINE, Paris, France
1968-72 – Appointed as Crafts Director at 8th U.S. Army in Seoul, Korea
1967 – Art Instructor (in conjunction with a psychiatrist) at the New York State Narcotic Commission in Harlem, New York  

2008 – GLOBO TV Programa Presentation “Casas Brasileiras”, São Paulo, Brazil
2000 – “Dramas dos Judeus da Etiópia", SEMANA JUDAICA, São Paulo, Brazil
2019 – Bette Pacheco review of Ofra Grinfeder book, GLOBONEWS TV, São Paulo, Brazil
1984 – “A Arte da Terra”, by Miriam B. Gabbai, Editor Callis  
1985 – Interview with Silvia Poppovic, São Paulo, Brazil
1985 – Revue De La Céramique Magazine, cover #285, Paris, France
1985 – L’atelier Des Métiers D’Art Magazine, #96 interview with Ofra Grinfeder
1985 – Ceramic Review Magazine #93, Paris, France
1985 – Nokta Magazine, Istanbul, Turkey
1992 – Visvon Magazine, Istanbul,  Turkey
1993 – ”Painting Tomorrow’s Past- The Environmentally Engaged Work of Ofra Grinfeder”, Surface Design Magazine, U.S.A.
1997 – “Papel, Fonte de Inspiração“, Diario de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil
1988 – GLOBO TV Interview with Jacques Bucholtz, São Paulo, Brazil  


Ofra Grinfeder-”50Years Of Art”,  ISBN978-85-61914-24-0, Editora LUTZ, São Paulo, Brazil  
Cerâmica No Brasil”,ISBN 978-85-423-0131-1, Editora Callis, São Paulo, Brazil  
For The Parents”,  Ofra Grinfeder, ISBN978-85-61125-35-6, Editor Casa Leitura Médica, São Paulo, Brazil